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American Highway is the largest supplier of nationwide infrastructure products and solutions

As innovative leaders in our industry, we manufacture and distribute superior quality products that are used in concrete pavements. The dominant product offering includes; loose dowels, tie bars, and welded dowel assemblies. With every order, American Highway takes great measures to make sure our products; 1) meet project specifications, 2) are easy to use on the project site, and 3) are delivered on-time.

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We build and supply America's structural backbone for roads, highways, runways, and much more.

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A technical specification document defines the requirements for a project, product, or system.

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Our Mission

To provide the most experienced team specializes in estimating, specifications, on-time delivery, installation, and high performance of our products. We are committed to creating an environment with a focus on continuous improvement, professionalism, and safety while making it easier for our customers to do business with American Highway.

About American Highway

Innovation + Quality = Performance

American Highway pioneers innovation, striving to forge a new class of affordable, high-performance products, including our Armour Coat ™ dowel bars and baskets, dowel basket alignment stripes, completely encapsulated fusion-bonded dowels (when required) without any wet or cold patching, and stabilized dowel basket frames for thick sections of concrete pavements.


Turning an idea into a solution that adds value

American Highway pioneers innovation, striving to forge a new class of affordable, high-performance products, including our Armour Coat ™ dowel bars and baskets, dowel basket alignment stripe, and new dowel shapes such as the elliptical dowel or hollow tube.


One of the most important concepts in manufacturing

American Highway’s quality is second to none – we take extra steps to ensure our products are built right the first time. We build our baskets to higher standards.  It the extra steps we take in the production and packaging of our products that make the difference.  From packaging all our products on pallets to preparing the dowel with an extra grind at the weld location to improve the bond between dowel and frame.


The efficiency and effectiveness reflected in our objectives.

For the past three decades, our experienced and knowledgeable team has remained committed to our customers and resourceful problem solving. We’re results-oriented, and we deliver our products on time, every time, as promised.

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Main office locations

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190 Resource Drive Fernley, NV 89408 (Manufacturing)

P: 775.391.3330

2150 US Hwy 45-52 Kankakee, IL 60901 (Manufacturing)

P: 815.936.3300

9020 West 35W Service Drive Minneapolis, MN 55449 (Distribution)

P: 763.398.0040

14990 Industry Ave, Becker, MN 55308 (Plant)

1370 Valley Vista Drive, Suite 200 Diamond Bar, CA 91765 (Accounting)

P: 909.373.1773
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Our Regions

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Western Region, AK, HI

Western Regional Sales Manager

Sue Nand 909.758.3512

Western Inside Sales Representative

Lidia Hernandez

Southern California Sales Representative

Benita Blanchard 909.262.5374

Midwest & Central Region

Midwest Sales Representative - WI, IL, IN, MO, KS, IA

Jake Steinberg 612.845.9088

Midwest Sales Representative - MN, SD, ND, CO, WY, MT, MN, CO, and NE

Mark Brinkman 612.802.5272

Inside Sales Support

Roxy Sucky 763-398-0041

Central Inside Sales Representative - WI, IA, KS, MO

Tammy Pena 815.936.3300 ext. 23317

Central Inside Sales Representative - IN, IL, CO, IA

Wendy Schroeder 815.936.3300 ext. 7407

Northeast Region/Canada

Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Shane Whitacre, P.E. 937.313.1025

Canada Regional Sales

Rob Hedges 519.654.0422

Northeast Inside Sales Representative

Julie Jette 815.936.3300 ext. 23301

Southern Region

Southern Region Consultant

Chris Dunaway 601.850.2613

Southern Inside Sales Representative

Renae Brummer 515.971.7097

Southern Inside Sales Representative

Brenda Donnell 815.936.3300 ext. 52333

Technical Sales

VP Technical Sales

Glenn Eder 847.778.0308

Technical Sales Representative

Denny Johnson 763.398.0040

Specialty Products

Commercial Flooring

Rex Sanders 815.348.5831

Distributed Product Specialist

Mark Brinkman 612.802.5272

Repair/Restoration Product Specialist

Jake Steinberg 612.845.9088

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