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There is balance between innovation and product

Product Innovation is considered as a clear differentiator for long-term growth and success. Innovation is already part of the strategic vision and value-defined, and there is a strong desire to make it part of everyone’s job. As good stewards of our country’s infrastructure, American Highway is dedicated to improving the design and performance of products that go into concrete pavements which will result in longer life and smoother roads.

Simplex - Elliptical Dowel Bar

Elliptical Dowels

Load Transfer Findings
  • All dowel types transferred 80% – 90% of the load across the joints. Medium elliptical steel dowel bars were equally ad­equate, if not better than standard round dowel bars at
  • transferring load across the transverse joints.

Armour Coat

High performance

Armour Coat™ high-performance dowel bar is a solid carbon steel round bar that utilizes a multi-layered fusion-bonded totally encapsulated epoxy powder system. Armour Coat dowels are typically specified in pavements that are classified as “long life” pavements that are designed to last from 50 to 100 years.



Real-world execution of our products is paramount to us

The sales and engineering team at American Highway has collectively over 150 years of experience in concrete pavement construction.  As part of the value to our customers, we provide recommendations and value engineering ideas that improve constructability, pavement life, durability, costs, and overall quality. Our involvement on hundreds of concrete pavement applications enables us to draw on that history and experiences to provide valuable insight and guidance on design and/or constructability.

Low Volume Roads

Doweled joints provide high and constant LTE, controls faulting

There are many advantages for the use of concrete on low volume roads.  The technical data provided in this section discussed the two most important aspects of concrete pavement design; slab thickness and jointing.

Simplex - Applications

Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements

This guide provides a summary of the factors and design theories that should be considered when designing dowel load transfer systems for concrete pavement systems (including dowel basket design and fabrication) and presents recommendations for widespread adoption (i.e., standardization). Development of the guide was sponsored by the National Concrete Consortium with the goal of helping practitioners develop and implement dowel load transfer designs based on knowledge about current research and best practices.

Technical Data

Scientific and technical information recorded and presented

Technical Data is essentially a document management system pertaining to the management of technical and engineering drawings and documents.

Corrosion Analysis

The ability for an epoxy coated dowel bar is dependent on the type of epoxy coating, the thickness of the epoxy, and the application process of the epoxy coating application. This report evaluates the corrosion process of a number of different laboratory specimens including a new generation of epoxy-coated dowel bars.


Encapsulated Dowel Ends

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