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American Highway is a major supplier of nationwide infrastructure products and solutions

We build and supply America's structural backbone for roads, highways, airports, and much more.

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We are dedicated to enhancing road construction in America using the highest quality products, services, and new technologies.

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We have the technical and organizational know-how to successfully design and build load transfer products used in long-life concrete pavements across America.

Why use our products?

Our dowel bars and tie bars are made to the highest quality and most stringent specifications

American Highway’s operational and sales team are recognized in the infrastructure industry the individuals that have spent the past 30+ years working with federal and state authorities to help develop the standards and manufacturing capabilities for load transfer in concrete pavements. We have proven the ability to innovate our products so that concrete paving is cost-competitive and longer life to asphalt pavements.

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Load Transfer Products

Load transfer is the ability of a joint or crack in concrete pavement to transfer load from one slab to the next through shear action. Load transfer influences the magnitude of deflections in the slabs under loading and the distribution of stresses in the slab.

Technical Specs
  • Welded Dowel Assemblies

  • Welded dowel assemblies are steel dowel bars arranged in a frame spaced at proper intervals and at the midpoint of the pavement thickness. This device can address all of the problems inherent in adequately transferring the load from one pavement section to the next.

  • Dowel Bars

  • Dowel bars are short steel bars that provide a mechanical connection between slabs without restricting horizontal joint movement. They increase load transfer efficiency and reduce joint deflection and stress in the approach and leave slabs.

  • Tie Bars

  • Tie bars are deformed rebars or connectors used for holding faces of rigid slabs in contact to maintain aggregate interlock. Tie bars are not load transferring device.

  • Tie Bar Assemblies

  • Similar to welded dowel assemblies, a tie bar assembly (TBB) are simple truss structures used to hold tie bars at the appropriate height before PCC placement.

Ancillary Products

In addition to load transfer products that American Highway manufacturers, we offer other ancillary products that are integral to the design and performance of concrete pavements. Whether it is to improve concrete strength and durability through the use of curing compound or provide an adhesive to bond dowels to concrete in airport pavement joints, there isn’t a product that American Highway can’t source. We can bundle all a contractor’s needed products in one delivery.

Technical Specs
  • Curing Compound

  • Concrete curing compound is a compound which helps to prevent the loss of moisture content from the concrete. So, concrete is properly cured which results the full development of strength of concrete.

  • Epoxy Adhesive

  • Epoxy adhesive is a structural epoxy system that offers exceptional strength in anchoring and doweling applications and can be used in temperatures from 40 °F to 110 °F.

  • Dowel Caps

  • Also known as expansion caps, dowel caps are provided on dowel ends only at expansion joints; they are not necessary (or desirable) at contraction and construction joints.

  • Stakes, Pins, & Clips

  • Used to anchor welded dowel assemblies to ground or subgrade.

  • Wire Mesh

  • Welded wire fabric (WWF) is also sometimes used in reinforced concrete, notably for slabs.

  • Road Fabric

  • A fabric that is a heavy duty, high strength pavement repair geo composite membrane used to reinforce and waterproof pavement cracks and joints, reduce reflective cracking of concrete overlays.


Why we stand above the rest

American Highway's methods rise above our competition, our innovative products stand the test of time

American Highway pioneers innovation, striving to forge a new class of affordable, high-performance products, including our Armour Coat ™ dowel bars and baskets, dowel basket alignment stripe, and new dowel shapes such as the elliptical dowel or hollow tube.

  • Armour Coat

  • A coating system on dowels that is comprised of a flexible abrasion-resistant overcoat (ARO), that is a thermosetting epoxy powder coating engineered to be applied over a fusion-bonded epoxy corrosion resistant undercoating. This serves as an alternative to the commonly used steel and epoxy-coated dowels and is specified in long-life (40 to 100 year) pavement designs.

  • Elliptical Dowel

  • The main advantage of elliptical dowels over traditional round dowels is in the increased bearing area and the resulting reduction in bearing stress on the concrete.

  • RAS

  • Marking the mid-point on the dowel bars at the manufacturing plant adds a visual guide for placing the basket on the center of the transverse joints on grade. This alignment guide will also facilitate inspection in the field.

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