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Manufacturing Team Lead

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Position Summary

Position Summary

Leads, facilitates, and oversees the work activities of production employees. Supports the operational leadership team in effective execution of daily activities. Assists in creating and promoting a positive and cohesive team environment, always leading as a positive example in terms of attendance, flexibility, and strong work commitment. This is a “working leadership” role requiring the employee to spend a minimum of 70% of their hours working in a direct capacity.

Essential Duties And Responsibilities

¯ Oversees the efficient utilization of materials, supplies, and labor to meet all manufacturing requirements and production schedules.

¯ Provides direction, support and drives accountability of all assigned personnel.

¯ Trains assigned employees in all operational areas: Machine Operation, Set-Up, Safety, Quality, Preventative Maintenance, etc.

¯ Prepares department paperwork such as production or inventory transaction reports and other required paperwork.

¯ Reviews material and production information for accuracy.

¯ Enters production data, as assigned.

¯ Provides technical expertise and coaching to department employees to resolve issues, overcome obstacles, and improve performance.

¯ Maintains clean and safe work areas by actively enforcing 5S programs for all areas and employees to whom they are assigned.

¯ Administers all policy and safety guidelines within assigned departments.

¯ Willing to perform other duties as assigned

¯ Helps to facilitates breaks and lunches, sometimes covering an area while others are on break

¯ Provide pass down information to oncoming leads and supervisors daily

¯ Assists in documenting and identifying performance efficiencies and inefficiencies within the current processes


Principle Accountabilities

¯ Proven leadership, organizational, and communication skills.

¯ Good mechanical aptitude and knowledge of machinery and manufacturing processes and procedures: Safety, Quality, Efficiency, etc.

¯ Excellent communication skills

¯ Proven experience in training employees in basic operational concepts

¯ History of challenging the status quo and driving results to improve productivity, efficiency, quality, employee performance, and/or operator safety.

¯ Basic knowledge of Lean and other Continuous Improvement programs

¯ Effective at multi-tasking and time management

¯ Ability to recognize and solve moderate to complex problems independently.

¯ Good computer skills and experience with MS Office Suite products

¯ Record of good attendance and punctuality.

Education / Experience

Manufacturing – 1 year

Supervisor/Leadership – 1 year

Essential Functions

Compensation Package

From $55,000.00 per year

Benefits: 401(k), 401(k) matching, Dental insurance, Employee assistance program, Flexible spending account, Health insurance, Health savings account, Life insurance, Paid time off, Referral program, Retirement plan, Vision insurance


Posted: October 7, 2021 Supervisor: Production Supervisor Department: Production Location: Kankakee, IL

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